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About Us


Nature’s Gourmet is owned by the Kittrich® Corporation, a leading manufacturer of quality merchandise across a wide variety of consumer product categories. Kittrich® maintains its competitive advantage through providing a corporate environment that inspires creative product development, along with making strategic investments in efficient manufacturing processes and fulfillment operations. With over one million square feet of production and warehouse space situated within three strategically located distribution facilities in the United States, Kittrich® has the capacity to meet and fulfill the demands of any customer, no matter how substantial. Feel free to view our many brands at Kittrich.com.


Of course, a number of Kittrich® team members are pet parents. So it was no surprise that, in 2016, Kittrich® decided to step into the pet market. We decided to leverage our product development experience and laboratory resources to develop a line of premium pet food.  The result is Nature’s Gourmet – a grain-free dog food that provides a steady diet with a single high protein source. Focusing on nutrition, Nature’s Gourmet provides a balanced diet of just what your dog needs – meat, vegetables, fruits and canine supplements – everything your dog needs to maintain healthy lifestyle.


We enjoy manufacturing Nature’s Gourmet and ensuring that you can give your dog a quality, grain-free   product at an affordable price. We understand. After all, we have dogs, too!


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